Nick Saban’s Lake House up for Luxury Auction

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May 9, 2013 by Beth Spradley

The University of Alabama’s Head Coach, Nick Saban, will sell his Rabun County, Georgia lake home at luxury auction.  Tuscaloosa News reported this morning. Atlanta Business Journal also ran information. I have been asked why he is selling.  Rabun County is a popular luxury second home market.  The Sabans own two lake homes, so it is probably a wise investment decision to sell one that is in a strong market. Pics below for luxury auction of one of Nick Saban’s lake houses in Georgia.

Update- To give more information, I have seen some comments that “times must be tough for Nick Saban”. Auction is not necessarily a bad thing. For a special or high profile property, it can be a great route and is very common. The auction can be an event itself, a la the Kentucky Derby. If your only experience with an auction is the backwoods or the courthouse steps, consider attending a better event. Really. The chosen auction company is highly reputable and doing a fabulous job, unlike some who seriously put out flyers at gas stations and leave it.

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